Common Scenario: I’m shopping at some store, bargain hunting the clearance racks or some thrift store, and I come across a lovely skirt in a style that I love. I look at the size-it’s too big- and it’s the only one of it’s kind.


But how could I turn down such a cute skirt? Especially when they are name brands like Christaphor & Banks, Eddie Bauer, Jones New York, etc, and still in great condition. The seamstress in me yells, when I find a skirt like that, “Take it in! Take it in!”. I don’t think many people know it’s that easy to take a skirt it, but it really is! (It shouldn’t take more then 10 minutes!) Here’s how!

First, put the skirt on, see how much you’ll need to take in with the waistband where you desire it to sit when it’s finished. Pinch the extra out on each side of the back evenly. Pin.  (It’s ok if it’s not exactly centered, you can fix that on the next step).


Next, turn the skirt inside out. Using the two pins you placed as a guide, turn the extra you pinned out, in. Pin the extra out in a dart. Do the same to the other side.


Sew darts.


Press darts toward the sides.


Try on, and your done! You may have to take a little more in or out; it may take a little fiddling if the fabric of your skirt is streachy or if your skirt is lined. If you are taking in two or so inches in each dart, you may want to slash it down the middle to reduce bulk.



I’ve have had sucess in taking in skirts like this of  any kind, denim and light weight cottons. I normally wear a size six, sometimes an eight, and I’ve had sucess in taking in skirts ranging from a size 8 to 16. I’ve also used this method to take in a skirt that’s made to sit on the hips, to sit on the waist instead. Good Luck!