I know, I know, I haven’t posted in forever. =P  Just wanted to let my friends in the blog-o-sphere know I’ve still alive. *grins*

College is going great! I love my classes and this semester is going SO fast! It’s hard to believe that Spring Break is in two weeks and in less than two months, my frist year of college will be over. (No way! It goes so fast!) This semester, I am taking New Testament Survey of Bible Lit, Speech, Baptist Heritage, College Writing II, American Thought and Culture, Ed Tech, OPE I, and Choir.

This summer, I plan to post again on my blog. So, make sure you come back and visit in May, June July and August! I’ll try to get back into my posting habits of sewing, gardening, cooking, photography, reenacting and whatever else I happen to be doing come summer.

So, now I shall be off to do some homework!