The first week of my summer break is over and my second week is flying by just as fast!  It’s almost too hard to believe!

Last week, this week, and the next week or so I’ve been working on costumes for my old high school’s production of  “Music Man”.  Costuming 40-some people in less than a month has been quite the experience for sure! It’s an organized mess, but fun ever-the-less. Mom took this picture the other day when I was working on cutting out a costume for the play.


Let’s see, what else have I been up to. I’ve been working out at the Hager’s farm a little bit. Those kids are so fun (and so are their animals!). Mom and I got the garden all panted up. Now, for those seeds to sprout! Can’t wait to see what grows!

I’ve done a little sewing too. All modern sewing. I made a new top from one of my favorite patterns (probably going to make more this summer), remade a skirt that didn’t fit anymore, hemmed some jeans, and have a new skirt in the works.

Next weekend is a reenactment. (Oh, Fort Nisqually and friends, I missed you so!) Not sure what I’m going to wear and I’m hoping everything still fits right. But I know I really am in need of some new drawers. I out-grew my old ones the summer before last (despite the fact that I still wore them anyway). New drawers is frist on the list to sew this summer reenacting-wise.

I’m so not use to blogging anymore. I have forgotten to take pictures to share! =P