Saturday, I went to the fort! It was so nice seeing friends I haven’t seen in months! It was a pretty laid back reenactment and we didn’t do much. We sat on the porch most of the day sewing and catching up on what’s been going on in our lives and such. The AI’s did some dancing and I joined in on one.

The highlight of the day–Anna, Cassie and I headed down to Owen Beach to eat our not-so-period correct lunch. It was a fun little impromptu picnic! We have always talked about going on a picnic and so we finally made it happen! People kept coming up to us and asking why we were dressed up, and so we told them about the fort and about the event that was going on. One lady even was so kind enough to take pictures for us.

After the reenactment, Anna and I did a little fabric shopping. Then we went to the mall to eat some dinner and we looked around expensive stores we never could afford to shop at. It was great to spend some quality girly time with Anna talking about school, summer, reenacting, sewing, and fashion!

Cassie looking wonderful.

Anna eating a cookie.

All three of us.